CharityTracker Assistance Network

We’re not working alone at Stillwater CARES. It takes the help, commitment and collaboration of the entire community to make this organization successful.

In 2014, Stillwater CARES implemented CharityTracker, a shared case management system that provides agencies, organizations and churches with a way to document assistance given; and assess, plan, track and report on client’s needs and progress. CharityTracker enables system users to work together to create a cohesive life plan for their collective clients.

In fall 2014, CharityTracker launched locally with 40 local associates. The Stillwater CARES Assistance Network administrates this growing collaboration. 

Email us at to learn how your organization can become a CharityTracker Agency.

CharityTracker Shared Case Management System provides a proven data solution for successful service delivery across communities.  Components include data sharing, service and resource management, and customization that helps not only alleviate poverty but also get the most value out of a community’s resources.  

CharityTracker provides a central, secure, web-based format to assess, plan, track, and report on each participant’s journey toward self-sufficiency in the context of collaborative engagement.  

The efficiency and documentation CharityTracker provides give funders the needed outcomes to stand behind the work with confidence and demonstrable results.

Increasing social needs and decreasing resources compel providers to consider new and innovative ways to address inefficiencies inherent in isolated and uncoordinated service delivery systems.  

CharityTracker allows for agencies to work together as a team toward a cohesive life plan for clients in order to help them out of poverty and toward a stable, productive life.

Stillwater CARES serves as the local Network Administrator for CharityTracker.  

Who’s using CharityTracker to elevate the collective impact of working together?

1.   Social Service Agencies
2.    Governmental Agencies
3.    Faith-based Organizations
4.    Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
5.    Food Pantries
6.    Healthcare
7.    Counseling Centers 
8.   And Many Others!