Stillwater CARES Launches New Website Design

Stillwater CARES Launches New Website Design;
Emphasis on Accessible Information for Community Service Agencies

Stillwater CARES, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Community And Resource Empowerment Solutions (CARES), has recently launched a new website to better assist area social service agencies, churches and community organizations in the their efforts to assist people and help them rise out of poverty.  

“Stillwater CARES is not a typical non-profit organization,” said Quinn Scipper, Executive Director of Stillwater CARES. “Unlike most non-profits, Stillwater CARES does not work directly with individuals who are in need. Our agency assists in the coordination and collaboration of community resources. With that, it was important to create a website that emphasizes the information our associates and community partners need to better serve their clients.” 

The website redesign highlights programs offered by Stillwater CARES, a comprehensive service directory of available community resources, and a link to CharityTracker, a shared case management system for service agencies. 

“It is our hope that by creating strategic community alliances and synchronizing best practices that the maximum number of people can be served in our community,” Schipper said. “The new Stillwater CARES website brings all of the available support information to one centralized location.” 

In addition to providing a comprehensive service directory, Stillwater CARES conducts educational workshops and hosts networking events to support agencies whose mission is to help people. To learn more about how you can help Stillwater CARES visit